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Warrington – Health Beacon’s Birth Place

The busy town of Warrington in Cheshire holds a number of accolades to its name; it was one of the first Roman settlements, it was the scene of the last Royalist victory during the Civil War, and it’s the birth place of Health Beacon, producer of Britain’s best multivitamins.

The company Health Beacon is a producer and supplier of multivitamins throughout the UK. It also runs a popular and informative website,, which provides accurate information on medical conditions.

Health Beacon’s roots are in Warrington, where the small team started creating multivitamin tablets in the early 2000s.

What Does Health Beacon Do?

As previously mentioned, the company Health Beacon runs an instructive health website which provides information on a number of medical queries and complaints. The website is the go to place for anyone wanting to know more about certain symptoms or to research particular illnesses.

Health Beacon also produces multivitamins. The range of tablets is designed to keep customers at the top level of their health.

Health Advice

The Health Beacon website is the perfect place to go to for health advice. The medical articles are fully researched and backed up by scientific facts and testing via medical journals and studies. However, unlike some medical information websites that are so full of technical jargon that it’s impossible to understand the information, Health Beacon provides bite size medical help that’s easy to understand. Our expert writers take complex and confusing medical information and turn it into easy to understand medical advice that is incredibly useful.

Health Beacon only provides the most up to date medical information, sourced from professional bodies and scientific studies. This way, visitors to the website know that they are getting the best advice possible.

Health Beacon covers all aspects of health topics, literally from birth to death with several articles on pregnancy as well as aging conditions. In addition to medical conditions the website also covers ways to aid peoples’ health, such as nutrition and vitamins. Here are the basic categories of Health Beacon’s informative health articles.

  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s health
  • Children’s health
  • Dental health
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Herbs
  • Medical Conditions
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Skin care

All these sections have a number of articles on different subjects, so readers can find the advice they need. The medical conditions section has articles on a range of topics ranging from normal to severe illnesses; these include depression, sleep, migraines and cholesterol, as well as a number of other areas.

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Health Experts

The Health Beacon team started as just a handful of hopefuls in the town of Warrington. Now they have expanded in size to include dozens of experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to bringing the public up to date information on health related issues. The team includes a number of high ranking medical staff, such as Dr Kimberley Martine who holds a PHD in neuroscience, and Dr Ayesha Khan who works as a research fellow at NYU Langone Medical Centre in the United States. With this sort of talent on the team, visitors to the health Beacon website can be confident that the information provided is authentic and well researched.

Health Beacon has come a long way from its roots in Warrington and it now employs some of the best health professionals and writers in the UK and throughout the world.

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Health Beacon’s Multivitamins

As well as running a useful internet forum website that provides health advice, the company Health Beacon also produces and distributes a range of multivitamins. This was first started in Warrington but the business has grown and the vitamins are now supplied throughout the UK and on the Health Beacon website.

Health Beacon produces a range of multivitamins to suit different people with different health needs. One of the most popular and useful vitamin products is the Health Beacon Optimum Nutrition Complex. First developed in Warrington, this multivitamin is now one of Health Beacon’s bestselling products, and for good reason. It contains 27 essential nutrients and minerals that your body needs. It is designed to act as a supplement to people’s diet, to ensure they receive their daily recommended allowance of all these nutrients.

Unlike a lot of other multivitamins which claim to include all the nutrients your body needs, the Optimum Nutrition Complex includes Vitamin D3. Many don’t include this, even though many people are deficient in Vitamin D and it is essential for the healthy working of the body.

The Health Beacon Optimum Nutrition Complex also comes in vegan form, so it is suitable for all diets.

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